About Me

Ashley Howard lives her passion and is blessed to have a job that is her calling. Teaching Pilates, and Yoga is a privilege and she is so grateful for all the friends she has made through out the years. She is a certified personal trainer, Pilates and yoga instructor. She balances Vinyasa Flow, 6 week Mind & Body Fitness challenges and sculpting Pilates Mat/Reformer classes with Urban Zen Practices to help renew, rebuild and restore her students.

Ashley decided ten years ago to follow her passion, knowing that the rest of her life would fall into place if she was living her truth.  For her this meant becoming certified as a personal trainer, branding herself as a Pilates teacher and then becoming a 500hr RYT yoga teacher. She also took her love for nutrition seriously learning how to cook, taking nutrition classes and started developing nutritional programs for her clients. Many certifications, workshops, classes, and years later she is just as inspired as she was when she started in this business.

She affirms that the healthier she is then the more she can help and be of service to others. Not only does she motivate and inspire her clients and the community, but it is her two children that she teaches daily about health being a choice and kindness being the answer. She practices what she preaches and that energy is what her clients find so infectious.  She is certain that your health is worth the effort, because you are worth the effort.

For her it comes down to self-love.  Through yoga and Pilates she found clarity, freedom and acceptance. She lives her life with integrity, being present in the joyous moments and aware in the sorrowful ones; knowing that in order to really be alive you must feel all the fluctuations life has to offer.

If she is not playing with her family at the lake, mountains or beach then she is teaching others how to find their own strength, power and love.

“Believe in  yourself and all that you do.  Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” Christian D Larson



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