Mind & Body Fitness Challenges

It’s the courage to be your true authentic self which is the greatest thing you will reconnect to in the 6 week challenges. This dream of creating a movement of self-love, acceptance and strength is now a reality for Ashley. This women’s only challenge builds your strength with weekly HIIT classes, pilates and yoga. You’ll get even more bonded as a group by doing cardio interval workouts outside. There is a steady amount of encouragement towards each other to push past your limitations. The weekly topics range from goal setting, journaling, affirmations, working through fears and meditations where we tap into our true nature. Nutrition is also a big component and there’s plenty of meal plans, recipes, and bi-weekly articles that will help you to understand the ways in which to properly nourish yourself.


Read below what fellow challengers have had to say:

“My key takeaways from this class are 1. That I can do anything if I believe in myself (including box jumps). 2. There is no secret to  a hot bod, you have to work! 3. Only light and love can drive out the darkness. I’m so thankful for these last 6 weeks, the new friends I’ve made and the values I’ve restored.” ~Brittany

“This was not your ordinary challenge…We tapped into mind, spirit and body.” ~Jenn

“Love you Ashley and this group! Being part of this has been the best thing I’ve done in months.” ~Kristine

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 2.49.56 PM


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